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Jewellery is a world of glamour, elegance, romance and personality for women. In today’s jewellery market, you can find jewellery of all shapes and sizes made from nearly every material imaginable such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Gemstone, Cubic Zirconia etc. With such a wide spectrum of items available, the right piece of jewellery is sure to be out there for every woman & men, no matter what his / her taste or style.

When it comes to special occasions such as anniversaries, engagements, birthdays and weddings, jewellery has always been the gift of choice. It has been a time honored tradition for jewellery to be exchanged as a way of marking momentous, life-altering events. Jewellery is regarded not only as a decorative trinket, but also as an object imbued with sentimentally. Jewellery is believed to symbolize friendship, sharing, love and commitment. As such, jewellery pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, wedding rings, engagement rings, and rings have a very central and important role in our cultures and traditions.

Zaamor Diamonds carries an incredible selection of jewellery pieces which come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs. Our products are of the highest quality, made with the most luxurious materials comprised of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. The Zaamor Diamonds website is designed to help you, our valued customer, easily navigate the multitude of choices and possibilities we provide, in order to help you find jewellery which fits your taste as well as your budget.

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  • Save 25%off
    Mila Diamond Earrings

    Mila Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: ₹13,381

    Special Price ₹10,036

  • Kainalu Floral Cutout Gold Pendant

    Kainalu Floral Cutout Gold Pendant

  • Kaileigh Cutout Gold Pendants

    Kaileigh Cutout Gold Pendants

  • Save 25%off
    Destanee Diamond Pendant

    Destanee Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: ₹13,652

    Special Price ₹10,239

  • Save 25%off
    Elaina Diamond Pendant

    Elaina Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: ₹13,684

    Special Price ₹10,263

  • Jagvi Cutout Gold Ring

    Jagvi Cutout Gold Ring

  • Fermata Gold Pendant

    Fermata Gold Pendant

  • Buy Augusta Gold Pendant in 2.81 Grams Gold Online

    Augusta Gold Pendant

  • Kacee Cutout Gold Ring

    Kacee Cutout Gold Ring

  • Save 25%off
    Aubrey Diamond Pendant

    Aubrey Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: ₹14,630

    Special Price ₹10,973

  • Analeigh Gold & CZ Earrings

    Analeigh Gold & CZ Earrings

  • Advaiya Gold Ring

    Advaiya Gold Ring

  • Balsam Gold Earrings

    Balsam Gold Earrings

  • Buy Flavia Gold Pendant in 3.05 Grams Gold Online

    Flavia Gold Pendant

  • Harlem Gold Bracelet

    Harlem Gold Bracelet

  • Save 25%off
    Grace Diamond Pendant

    Grace Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: ₹15,411

    Special Price ₹11,558

  • Bryony Gold & CZ Earrings

    Bryony Gold & CZ Earrings

  • Buy Laelia Gold Pendant in 3.1 Grams Gold Online

    Laelia Gold Pendant

  • Buy Opal Contemporary 3.11 Gms Gold Stud Earrings Online

    Opal Contemporary Gold & CZ Earring

  • Juno Gold & CZ Earrings

    Juno Gold & CZ Earrings

  • Nyree Gold Bracelet

    Nyree Gold Bracelet

  • Amber Gold Bracelet

    Amber Gold Bracelet

  • Yolanda Gold & CZ Earrings

    Yolanda Gold & CZ Earrings

  • Save 25%off
    Audrey Diamond Earrings

    Audrey Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: ₹16,215

    Special Price ₹12,161