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Date 27/10/2016
Gold 24kt 1gm 3,059
Silver 1gm 45.60
1 USD 66.83

Gold & CZ Bangles

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Our premium quality gold bangles are manufactured, combining various grades of gold purities ranging from 10 karats to 24 karats (pure gold) with shades of white, yellow, and rose gold.
  • Annora Gold Bangle GJBB3030

    Annora Gold Bangle GJBB3030

  • Katia Gold Bangle GJBB3032

    Katia Gold Bangle GJBB3032

  • Eliza Gold Bangle GJBB3029

    Eliza Gold Bangle GJBB3029

  • Willow Gold Bangle GJBB3020

    Willow Gold Bangle GJBB3020

  • Aavya Classic Plain Bangle GJBB3019

    Aavya Classic Plain Bangle GJBB3019