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Date 17/01/2017
Gold 24kt 1gm 3,100
Silver 1gm 48.10
1 USD 66.88

Gold & CZ Bracelets

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Bracelets add beauty to your hands. That too, today most of the women love bracelets than bangles, as it looks stylish as well as they can match that with any kind of outfit. Zaamor collection has stylishly sleek gold bracelets with exquisite floral and abstract designs that will impress the customer instantly. We aim to make a unique style statement with our beautifully crafted gold bracelet that will undoubtedly suit all occasions. It is known to be an imperative source of new trends in contemporary fashion design.

Zaamor Diamonds gold bracelets are the perfect evening and day jewellery piece which look stunning to match the elegant evening attire for any kind of parties or get-together. Not only for parties, best suited for office wear also. With their simplicity along with their highly sophisticated craftsmanship, every collection of gold bracelet is an undisputed champion of classiness, grace and appeal.

To enjoy the pleasure of shopping, visit zaamordiamonds.com to view exclusive collection of Gold Bracelets.

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  • Ambrosia Gold Kids Bracelet GJBB3014

    Ambrosia Gold Kids Bracelet GJBB3014

  • Harlem Gold Bracelet GJBB3010

    Harlem Gold Bracelet GJBB3010

  • Nyree Gold Bracelet GJBB3011

    Nyree Gold Bracelet GJBB3011

  • Azariah Gold Bracelet GJBB3008

    Azariah Gold Bracelet GJBB3008

  • Leah Gold Bracelet GJBB3015

    Leah Gold Bracelet GJBB3015

  • Novara Gold Bracelet GJBB3016

    Novara Gold Bracelet GJBB3016

  • Isodora Gold Bracelet GJBB3004

    Isodora Gold Bracelet GJBB3004

  • Sahara Gold Bracelet GJBB3003

    Sahara Gold Bracelet GJBB3003

  • Acedia Gold Bracelet GJBB3002

    Acedia Gold Bracelet GJBB3002

  • Phoebe Gold Bracelet GJBB3023

    Phoebe Gold Bracelet GJBB3023

  • Paolina Gold Bangle GJBB3017

    Paolina Gold Bangle GJBB3017

  • Ruby Gold Bracelet GJBB3022

    Ruby Gold Bracelet GJBB3022

  • Claire Gold Bracelet GJBB3025

    Claire Gold Bracelet GJBB3025

  • Hannah Gold Bracelet GJBB3021

    Hannah Gold Bracelet GJBB3021

  • Marietta Gold Bracelet GJBB3026

    Marietta Gold Bracelet GJBB3026