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Date 26/10/2016
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Gold & CZ Earrings

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Earrings are available in nearly every metal known to human. However, gold stud earrings may not necessarily have gold posts and platinum set diamond earrings may not have platinum posts. When shopping for earrings it’s important to be clear on which parts of the earring are made from which metal so that you don’t get stuck with a pair of “gold” earrings that are only three-parts gold.

When shopping for earrings, it’s important to balance comfort, style and price. The aim is to find a pair of earrings that looks good, is comfortable to wear, matches your outfit and fits your budget. Different earrings will offer different strokes of style to your look. Large, colourful earrings make a brazen statement while small diamond studs are a subtle, classic accessory. And while earrings are technically one size fits all, they are the only jewellery item that actually penetrates the skin. Those with sensitive skin or ears should be very selective when choosing a pair of earrings.

Earrings are frequently set with diamonds and precious gemstones. When shopping for diamond or gemstone earrings it’s important to have a basic grasp of diamond grading and gemstone grading. You want to make sure that your earrings are set with quality stones. Gold Earrings Whether you choose white gold or yellow gold, we recommend you choose 14 karat or 18 karat gold when shopping for earrings. 14 karat and 18 karat gold offer optimal durability combined with maximum colour and purity.

Platinum Earrings Platinum is a popular earring metal because it is 95-99% pure, durable, and hypoallergenic. However, it is a very dense metal, which means that platinum earrings will feel heavier than gold earrings

The Stud The standard stud earring is the smallest and most comfortable earring. It typically features a post back that securely holds the earring in place, and depending on the diameter of the stud and the design of the face, offers a relatively subtle accent.

The Hoop The hoop earring ranges from small to large. Small hoop earrings are completely unisex and appropriate for both casual and formal affairs. Larger hoop earrings frequently add a touch of glamour and sophistication to an outfit and are perfect for a night on the town. The Dangle The dangle earrings is the most formal and the most ornate of all standard earring styles. While it can vary in length and design, the dangle earring always hangs fancifully from the earlobe. Dangle earrings are frequently adorned with precious gemstones or diamonds.

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  • Aurelia Gold Kids Earrings GJER3145

    Aurelia Gold Kids Earrings GJER3145

  • Elodie Gold Earrings GJER3043

    Elodie Gold Earrings GJER3043

  • Kate Gold Earrings GJER3046

    Kate Gold Earrings GJER3046

  • Mercedes Gold Earrings GJER3047

    Mercedes Gold Earrings GJER3047

  • Arabella Gold Earrings GJER3048

    Arabella Gold Earrings GJER3048

  • Azura Gold Earrings GJER3049

    Azura Gold Earrings GJER3049

  • Auburn Gold Earrings GJER3050

    Auburn Gold Earrings GJER3050

  • Caroline Gold Earrings GJER3052

    Caroline Gold Earrings GJER3052

  • Catalina Gold Earrings GJER3053

    Catalina Gold Earrings GJER3053

  • Demi Gold Earrings GJER3055

    Demi Gold Earrings GJER3055

  • Electra Gold Earrings GJER3056

    Electra Gold Earrings GJER3056

  • Emory Gold Earrings GJER3057

    Emory Gold Earrings GJER3057

  • Giselle Gold Earrings GJER3058

    Giselle Gold Earrings GJER3058

  • Joelle Gold Earrings GJER3059

    Joelle Gold Earrings GJER3059

  • Lourdes Gold Earrings GJER3060

    Lourdes Gold Earrings GJER3060

  • Meadow Gold Earrings GJER3061

    Meadow Gold Earrings GJER3061

  • Odessa Gold Earrings GJER3062

    Odessa Gold Earrings GJER3062

  • Tempest Gold Earrings GJER3063

    Tempest Gold Earrings GJER3063

  • Valencia Gold Earrings GJER3064

    Valencia Gold Earrings GJER3064

  • Lavinia Gold Earrings GJER3067

    Lavinia Gold Earrings GJER3067

  • Oksana Gold Earrings GJER3068

    Oksana Gold Earrings GJER3068

  • Riley Gold Earrings GJER3069

    Riley Gold Earrings GJER3069

  • Teagen Gold Earrings GJER3070

    Teagen Gold Earrings GJER3070

  • Brielle Gold Earrings GJER3071

    Brielle Gold Earrings GJER3071