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Gold & CZ Jewellery

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Elegant and timeless, is and always has been the cornerstone of the fashion industry. Since gold readily binds with different metal alloys which serve to heighten the metal's durability, colour, lustre and appeal, it is considered to be a highly versatile substance, commonly used in the production of jewellery such as Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Gold Necklaces and pendants and Gold Bracelets. Gold jewellery also comes in a variety of colours. The tinge of the gold is determined by the alloys mixed in with the metal as well as its weight in karats: the higher the carat the purer the gold's colour will be.

Gold has been popular since prehistoric times. Some researchers believe gold to be the first metal ever to be used by humans. Gold and gold jewellery have been utilized for purely ornamental and decorative purposes and have also been used in religious and political rituals throughout the ages. Historically, gold ornaments, tools and jewellery were mainly produced in Egypt and Nubia. Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back to 2600 BC describe the high abundance of this metal, and the assortment of gold jewellery (gold bracelets, gold rings and gold pendants) worn by Egyptian royalty. Since then, gold has become one of the most sought-after precious metals in existence. It is a standard of purity, beauty and elegance. Gold's symbolic value, as well as its stunning appearance, makes it a popular metal used in jewellery.

There is no better way of showing a loved-one you care, than presenting him or her with gold jewellery as a gift. Gold jewellery can be made with a unique mix of gold colours, in an assortment of shapes, patterns and designs, and can be set with virtually any Gemstone. Gold Jewellery is highly versatile, personal, intimate and consistently visually appealing.

Gold Engagement Rings, gold Wedding Rings, gold Stud Earrings and gold drop earrings, lavish gold necklaces and pendants, and stunning gold bracelets and bangles are increasingly popular commodities in today's fashion markets. Gold jewellery is an ideal gift for any occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding ceremonies, and is appropriate for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Browse Zoara's extensive selection of high quality gold jewellery for all of your glamorous shopping needs.

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  • Heriberto Heart Gold Pendant

    Heriberto Heart Gold Pendant

  • Ding-Dong Gold Pendant

    Ding-Dong Gold Pendant

  • Aboil Twisted Ring

    Aboil Twisted Ring

  • Ainiti Gold Ring

    Ainiti Gold Ring

  • Braided Holy Cross Gold Pendant

    Braided Holy Cross Gold Pendant

  • Leafy Aum Gold Pendant

    Leafy Aum Gold Pendant

  • Fritzi Gold Pendant

    Fritzi Gold Pendant

  • Mayura Gold Pendant

    Mayura Gold Pendant

  • Abhisarika Gold Pendant

    Abhisarika Gold Pendant

  • U and Me Knotted Ring

    U and Me Knotted Ring

  • Kaimee Cutout Gold Pendant

    Kaimee Cutout Gold Pendant

  • Buy Adaleiz Gold Heart Pendant in 2.38 Grams Gold Online

    Adaleiz Gold Heart Pendant

  • Mangalsutra chain 18 inch

    Mangalsutra chain 18 inch

  • Balsam Gold Earrings

    Balsam Gold Earrings

  • Kainalu Floral Cutout Gold Pendant

    Kainalu Floral Cutout Gold Pendant

  • Lybian Floral Gold & CZ Stud Earrings

    Lybian Floral Gold & CZ Stud Earrings

  • Fermata Gold Pendant

    Fermata Gold Pendant

  • Kaileigh Cutout Gold Pendants

    Kaileigh Cutout Gold Pendants

  • Masha Allah Gold Pendant

    Masha Allah Gold Pendant

  • Eshanputra Gold Pendant

    Eshanputra Gold Pendant

  • Kacee Cutout Gold Ring

    Kacee Cutout Gold Ring

  • Buy Augusta Gold Pendant in 2.81 Grams Gold Online

    Augusta Gold Pendant

  • Jagvi Cutout Gold Ring

    Jagvi Cutout Gold Ring

  • Buy Flavia Gold Pendant in 3.05 Grams Gold Online

    Flavia Gold Pendant