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Date 22/01/2017
Gold 24kt 1gm 3,100
Silver 1gm 48.10
1 USD 66.88

Gold & CZ Necklaces

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Necklaces are true adornment to your neck. A gold necklace can add beauty to your traditional attire as well as modern. It’s always believed that Necklace is reserved for weddings and parties and it will not fit for daily wear. In Zaamor you have wide collection of daily wear necklace which will be simple, lightweight and elegant. These Necklaces provide glow to your face and enriches your taste of fashion.

The complicated lattice and filigree craftsmanship of these gold necklaces are sure to appeal to people of all ages and styles. In Zaamor you would find jewelry for everyone at your budget and you will find 100 % pure, certified 18 Kt gold necklaces as well as 22 Kt gold necklaces with us.

Zaamor gold necklace, whether classic, contemporary, traditional or floral, are exquisitely crafted for various styles and occasions. In Zaamor you would get both traditional and contemporary necklace to meet all your needs. Mix and match your choices and choose among various metal tones of three tones, two tones and yellow gold or rose gold.

Still waiting for what? Select your favourite piece of Gold Necklaces from zaamordiamonds.com

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  • Aphria Gold Necklace GJNC3012

    Aphria Gold Necklace GJNC3012

  • Oriana Gold Necklace GJNC3009

    Oriana Gold Necklace GJNC3009

  • Kiran Gold Necklace GJNC3005

    Kiran Gold Necklace GJNC3005

  • Keely Gold Necklace GJNC3008

    Keely Gold Necklace GJNC3008

  • Diya Gold Necklace GJNC3007

    Diya Gold Necklace GJNC3007

  • Aabha Gold Necklace GJNC3001

    Aabha Gold Necklace GJNC3001

  • Charvi Gold Necklace GJNC3004

    Charvi Gold Necklace GJNC3004

  • Eva Gold Necklace GJNC3002

    Eva Gold Necklace GJNC3002