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Date 21/10/2016
Gold 24kt 1gm 3,350
Silver 1gm 49
1 USD 67.1

Gold & CZ Pendants

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Pendants are forever fashionable and chic. Pendants set with an assortment of precious gemstones and diamonds add a little flash and uniqueness to one's appearance and are a spectacular addition to any woman's wardrobe. Dress up your outfit with a glitzy diamond encrusted pendant and feel priceless. Catch every eye with a singular gemstone encrusted, heart pendant or keep it simple with a lovely pave diamond heart pendant.

Zaamor Diamonds’ pendants are an ideal gift, due to its high-end, elegant appearance, and affordable prices. Our pendants are designed for a wide spectrum of tastes and styles. Show her you care with an engraved Silver Pendant, or a birthstone-set Gold Pendant. Surprise your best friend with an incredible Gemstone Pendant for her birthday or stun your wife with a glamorous Diamond Pendant for your anniversary. If you'd like to give a unique gift, consider solitaire jewelry. You could even customize a pendant for your loved one, simply contact Zaamor Diamonds’ customer support to learn about our engraving techniques and our customization processes.

Zaamor Diamonds’ online jewelry store carries a wide selection of elegant and sophisticated pendants, uniquely designed and made with the highest quality metals and diamonds (our diamonds come with the approved GIA or AGS certificates of authentication). Our beautiful line of pendants includes exquisitely crafted diamond pendants, gold pendants, silver pendants, gemstone pendants and heart & cross pendants.

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  • Teresia Gold Pendant GJPN3074

    Teresia Gold Pendant GJPN3074

  • Avis Gold Pendant GJPN3035

    Avis Gold Pendant GJPN3035

  • Buy Om Gold Pendant in 1.72 Grams Gold Online

    Om Gold Pendant GJPN3012

  • Meow Cat Kids Gold Pendant

    Meow Cat Kids Gold Pendant

  • Roswitha Gold Pendant GJPN3077

    Roswitha Gold Pendant GJPN3077

  • Braided Holy Cross Gold Pendant GJPN3114

    Braided Holy Cross Gold Pendant GJPN3114

  • Abhisarika Gold Pendant GJPN3113

    Abhisarika Gold Pendant GJPN3113

  • Leafy Aum Gold Pendant

    Leafy Aum Gold Pendant

  • Fritzi Gold Pendant GJPN3032

    Fritzi Gold Pendant GJPN3032

  • Mayura Gold Pendant

    Mayura Gold Pendant

  • Buy Adaleiz Gold Heart Pendant in 2.38 Grams Gold Online

    Adaleiz Gold Heart Pendant

  • Jumping Dolphin Gold Pendant

    Jumping Dolphin Gold Pendant

  • Buy Camilla Peacock Gold Pendant in 2.41 Grams Gold Online

    Camilla Peacock Gold Pendant

  • Buy Decima Gold Pendant in 2.59 Grams Gold Online

    Decima Gold Pendant

  • Bruna Gold Pendant GJPN3031

    Bruna Gold Pendant GJPN3031

  • Kalapini Gold Drop Pendant

    Kalapini Gold Drop Pendant

  • Medhakara Gold Pendant

    Medhakara Gold Pendant

  • Fermata Gold Pendant

    Fermata Gold Pendant

  • Eshanputra Gold Pendant

    Eshanputra Gold Pendant

  • Masha Allah Gold Pendant

    Masha Allah Gold Pendant

  • Buy Augusta Gold Pendant in 2.81 Grams Gold Online

    Augusta Gold Pendant

  • Buy Flavia Gold Pendant in 3.05 Grams Gold Online

    Flavia Gold Pendant

  • Buy Laelia Gold Pendant in 3.1 Grams Gold Online

    Laelia Gold Pendant

  • Buy Liesa Gold Pendant in 3.28 Grams Gold Online

    Liesa Gold Pendant