Fast Banking - EMI Terms & Conditions

1. EMI payment option is eligible for orders with an order value of Rs. 12,001 to Rs. 1,500,000 only.
2. EMI option is eligible only for customers residing in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Coimbatore
3. Installments on EMI facility may differ based on the evaluation of individual customer profile and the instalment option that they select at the time of purchase.
4. A nominal processing fee will be charged by FastBanking for availing the EMI (loan facility). Processing fee would vary according to the instalment selection by the customers. Zaamor Diamonds does not charge the customer any processing or convenience fee for the purpose of facilitating the EMI facility to its customers.
5.EMI facility is being offered by FastBanking to the customers, Zaamor Diamonds has no role to play in the approval, extension, pricing, modification, pre-closure, closure or any matter incidental thereto pertaining to offering of the facility, which is decided at the sole discretion of FastBanking.
6. Individual customers shall be assessed by FastBanking on eligibility and other parameters and approved loans shall be disbursed by FastBanking to Zaamor Diamonds. In case of returns, Zaamor Diamonds shall refund the payment to FastBanking only; FastBanking will return it to the customers.
7. EMI facility is being offered by FastBanking to the customers is governed by the respective terms and conditions of FastBanking and the customer is advised to approach the FastBanking in case of any complaint, dispute or enquiry about EMI transactions.
8. All disputes in connection with the EMI transactions shall be between the Customer and the FastBanking only. Zaamor Diamonds shall not be held liable for any dispute arising out of or in connection with such loan facility being offered by FastBanking.

Know More:

Orders with a value of Rs.12,001 to Rs. 1,50,000 are entitled to avail EMI payment option offered by FastBanking. Fast Banking will provide EMI options for only customers who are completing the eligibility and approval process.

A nominal value of 2% processing fee and service tax (of the order value) will be charged by FastBanking for availing the EMI payment option.

Customers can avail this facility in three modes of repayment tenures ranging from 3-months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

Based on the mode of tenure a customer avails for EMI option a down payment of 10% or 25% of the order value needs to be made by the customer for processing his/her EMI application and the order.

Customers can choose to make down payment from the following two repayment options offered by FastBanking

1. No Interest + 25% Down payment (of the order value) + 2% Processing Fee (of the order value)


2. Interest (Specified by FastBanking) + 10% down payment (of the order value) + 2% Processing Fee (of the order value)

EMI orders are processed only after receiving the approval confirmation from FastBanking.


Zaamor Partial Payment - EMI Terms & conditions:

1. Interest or processing fee is NOT applicable on EMI.
2. EMI options from 2 to 10 months are available on products above 10K.
3. The price of the product you buy under EMI is not affected by price fluctuation*
4. Product will be dispatched after the entire monthly Instalments’ are paid off.
5. In case if there is a change in legal and statutory taxes like GST and TDS at the time of delivery, customer have to be bear the same.
6. All disputes will be dealt at Chennai Jurisdiction only.
7. Other Terms and Conditions Apply.